Mission and Vision


QBU’s mission is to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the development of the region and its integration into the global economy. QBU will serve the human resource development needs of the central part of Vietnam in the  taking into account their specific development priorities, gender issues and social values.


QBU responds to regional needs by mobilizing and enhancing capacities for socially, economically and environmentally sound development in partnerships with public and private sectors. QBU’s interdisciplinary approach integrates technological, natural and social sciences.


– will continue its leadership role in offering excellence academic programs relevant to regional needs and responsive to students’ interests.
– research will be concentrated toward focal areas and are to be conducted by core teams.
– outreach will be community-service-oriented.

– will be consolidated and financially viable. QBU’s activities including the students, staff, faculty and curricula, will be subject to quality assessment.


1. Interdisciplinary
2. Innovativeness
3. Excellence
4. Responsiveness